Heavy Petting is where you go for solid advice on sex and relationships.  It is part viewer Q & A, part instructional-how-to, part open dialogue, part unicorn.

Statement of Purpose: 

Heavy Petting is a mating call, a rallying-cry, a way of life. For too long we have watched idly while resources and education around sexual health, love and relationships continue to miss the mark. As heavy petters, we believe that people should be able to access funny, relevant, helpful, non-judgmental and supportive information that has the potential to enrich their lives, relationships and sexcapades. Heavy Petting is for people of all genders, orientations and desires. Heavy Petting is about hard looks, fierce love and gentle embraces — it is about seeing how far pleasure can take us. Being a Heavy Petter is about having the hots for ourselves and others in ways that are informed, consensual, caring and transformational.

What kind of Heavy Petting are you into?